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Wilson K Factor KPro Staff 88

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A racquet so hefty it makes the ProStaff Original 6.0 85 and KSix-One Tour 90 feel light and maneuverable in comparison, the KPro Staff 88 was designed especially for Pete Sampras and features his signature on the frame. Although now playing only senior tour and exhibition tennis, Sampras is striking the ball as well as ever.

The KPro Staff 88 has replaced his trusted ProStaff Original 6.0 85 and brings with it a higher swingweight and a less head light balance in stock form. Offering a tremendous amount of plough through, the KPro Staff 88 provides rock solid stability on every shot. Players will need to have good technique and some strength to get the most out of this stick. Long, smooth and fast swings result in a very heavy and penetrating ball. There's lots of bite from the stringbed, allowing plenty of spin production. Thanks to the weight of the racquet, hitting with depth comes easily. Once in motion, the weight of the racquet pushes the ball deep into the opposing court. At net, the KPro Staff 88 offers pinpoint precision. 

The control oriented response and excellent stability combine to allow the player to dominate the ball, even when up against heavy passing attempts. Well-timed serves come off the racquet with lots of pace and weight. Stronger players will find good access to spin and enough mass to hit with plenty of heat. 

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New old stock
Head size:
88 sq. in. / 568 sq. cm.
27 in. / 68.6 cm.
Strung weight:
12.8 oz. / 363 gr.
6pts Head Light
Swing weight:
Beam width:
17mm Straight Beam
100%[K]arophite Black
Power level:
Swing speed:
Grip type:
Wilson leather
String pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses