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Fischer M Pro Number One 98 (UL)

Fischer M Pro Number One 98 (UL)


Only one available!!

This soft feeling and spin friendly racquet offers a ton of control from all areas of the court. Aggressive players looking for a high level of control to compliment their power game will find a solid partner here. Fischer's No Tolerance guarantee takes control to a new level as each No Tolerance M-Pro No.1 Ultra Light is guaranteed to weigh precisely 295 grams, unstrung. A perfect choice for players who like to have more than one racquet in their bag, with the No Tolerance M-Pro No.1 Ultra Light, the player is guaranteed to always find same feel thanks to the identical weight specification of each racquet. Players possessing solid volleying technique will find all the control and feel they'll need from this racquet to help get the job done at net. We found a solid response on serve with some nice action on spin serves and just enough pop to help bring some heat. All in all a very solid and comfortable stick that rewards with control and feel. 

When racquets are made, the manufacturer allows a variance in weight specification. The result is that a player looking to use two or more of the same racquet may end up with racquets of different weight. Differing racquet weights can result in a different feel upon pick up as well as in play.

Fischer No Tolerance Guarantee:
Fischer's No Tolerance Guarantee ensures each frame is made to its specified unstrung weight.

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New old stock
Head size
98 sq. in. / 630 sq. cm.
27 in. / 68.6 cm.
Strung weight
11 oz. / 312 gr.
Swing weight
Strung balance
330 mm
Grip type
Fischer sorb tack
String pattern
16 mains / 20 crosses


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Price On Demand